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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 01:54am on 13/06/2011

One of my sister's very good friends had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Alegria on Saturday night at the Yum! Center-- he and his wife decided to do something else instead and gave Brandy the tickets. She invited myself and Frankie to see the show. They were phenomenal seats, probably the best seats I've ever had to any show... ever. Right in front, although not in that little VIP-looking area down near the stage. (I'd be nervous to be there!)

Anyhow, the show was just amazing. I'm so inspired and impressed. I've been in an artsy mood for the past few days and jumping to escape into odd stories (probably why I'm hooked on Alice in Wonderland again) and this was totally right up my alley. It was so bizarre! But beautiful and colorful and the costumes were incredible.

Cut because I must babble about this show. )

The end of the show was met with probably the longest standing ovation I've seen to date. My arms were starting to hurt from clapping so much. :P I have so much respect for the people who work on these shows. I mean, every aspect of it -- I read it takes 200 hours just to make one of the Old Bird costumes. I got the impression that the actors and performers last night truly enjoy what they do. I think you'd have to love it to spend your whole life working on it. I dunno. I'm definitely going to try to check out some of the other Cirque du Soleil productions at some point; just videos online for now, since I have no idea if or when they'll be heading our way again.
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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 02:52pm on 27/04/2011

Larger under the cut. )

There are some more lightning shots in my photostream but nothing as nice as this, which I got last night. It's not perfect, I know, but I'm still pretty excited. :D
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I still have like... thirty-ish pictures from Thunder Over Louisville to post, but that requires more formatting and linking than I feel like dealing with at this hour. SO I'm just here to post two quick photos.

Not thunder-- LIGHTNING over Louisville. )

While typing this up, I took a break to take some more pictures of downtown and saw not one, not two, not three, not four... but FIVE seagulls fly past. YES. I knew I'd heard them in the area before.
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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 02:48pm on 10/04/2011
A while back [ profile] flyingbrownie told me to post. I started to but then forgot to actually... well... post. Oops. But I am going to try to update more. Here's a photo dump to get things started. :)

Birds, a squirrel, lots of robins... and one bird bully. )

God I feel awful today. And it's so hot out. I should really work in the yard at some point but... I think I'm writing today off. I might take pictures, paint and read, but mostly I just think I'm going to take medicine and nap.
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This is just amazing. Sadly, my computer is not fancy enough to run it so well and there are a number of bugs in it on top of that, but... what a fabulous concept all the same. XD

*watches a Let's Play Octodad video on YouTube and laughs her ass off for the afternoon*
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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 02:16am on 08/11/2010

This is the best dancing bird video I've ever seen. XD

ETA: PFFT those fakers. Original video is in the comments. 1. That bird is still hilarious. 2. Whoever changed the song managed to find one that fit REALLY well. I'm kind of too impressed to be pissed.
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An Unexpected Visitor
By Joe Pitt and Clio Chiang for 24 Hour Toons.

This is TOO cute. I am still grinning like an idiot, hahaha.
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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 11:26pm on 13/09/2010

Taken while chilling near Lorikeet Landing. I am weirdly fond of this picture.

More photos behind the cut. )

Cross-posted (mostly) to [ profile] naturesbeauty. Sorry if I spammed anyone!
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