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posted by [personal profile] genericzombie at 01:54am on 13/06/2011

One of my sister's very good friends had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Alegria on Saturday night at the Yum! Center-- he and his wife decided to do something else instead and gave Brandy the tickets. She invited myself and Frankie to see the show. They were phenomenal seats, probably the best seats I've ever had to any show... ever. Right in front, although not in that little VIP-looking area down near the stage. (I'd be nervous to be there!)

Anyhow, the show was just amazing. I'm so inspired and impressed. I've been in an artsy mood for the past few days and jumping to escape into odd stories (probably why I'm hooked on Alice in Wonderland again) and this was totally right up my alley. It was so bizarre! But beautiful and colorful and the costumes were incredible.

I love the Old Birds, who I totally thought were old horses. (They look like they have horse legs and feet, so sue me!) But they were just hilarious. One in the beginning kept running after this handsome guy who reminded me of a Faun and she just fell flat on her face and slid off stage. I think she did it two more times during the opening. XD They were just such great characters because they seemed so out of place; overweight, ugly, garish, so eager to participate but too old to do much but hobble along and get in the way or trip over themselves. I was weirdly fond of them.

And the clowns! I didn't know what to think of them at first, except maybe they were just for kids in the audience (there were quite a few kids there) but man they grew on me quickly and I realized how wrong I was. One of my favorites was the clown who came out after the men who had been tossing lit torches around. He came out with this little candle and kind of slowly waved it around and passed it from one hand to the other under his leg and then waited for applause. XD

Oh oh and the Russian bar act was seriously incredible. I've never seen anything like it before. After they wrapped up, clowns came out with their own flimsy looking pole and mimed throwing people into the air and dropping them, then they called up someone from the audience to work with. They obviously couldn't/didn't lift him but he was such a good sport and so quick on his feet-- he patted his belly like it was his own fault for being too heavy. xD

The only part that seemed out of place was the snowstorm scene.

In a weird way, it might be my favorite part of the show. It just stood out so much and it kind of tugged on my heartstrings. And the finale was so beautiful and unexpected-- everyone really did get blasted with the "snow". I've since read that it is taken from Slava's Snowshow-- I'd never heard of this guy before but apparently he is The Best Clown Ever. I watched his version of the same scene and... yeah, he's pretty amazing. His expressions killed me and his timing was great.

I don't know why I remember the clowns more clearly than anything else. I guess it's because their personality was more tangible to me than some of the other acts-- which, don't get me wrong, were amazing, but what stuck in my mind was more their act than their particular "character." I can babble about clowns making me feel a certain way -- I laughed, I was sad, etc. -- but most of the other acts just made me go :O a lot. And I don't know many acrobatic terms, so... yeah. But the lady with the ribbons was incredible. And the rings! And the aerial high bars, AHHH such a crazy amazing act to end on. I was so nervous when they jumped to their safety net, which by the way came SO close to the floor omg.

I've read up some on the story since getting home and I'm still a little lost. I sort of got it, but maybe would need to watch it again to see all of it. The Singer in Black, for example, is supposed to be a counterpoint to the Singer in White. Visually alone, I totally see it, but... she never did anything. Wikipedia says: "There is a wickedness about her. In her elegant black dress, she hides many secrets in her dark heart." Maybe I missed something.

And I so loved this one person who came onto the stage on one stilt and two looooong crutches, wearing a dark robe and big hat. It was such an ominous, large presence. But they just sort of walked in the background during... I think it was during the contortionists' performance. And then it slowly creeped off stage before the performance was over. What WAS that thing?

The end of the show was met with probably the longest standing ovation I've seen to date. My arms were starting to hurt from clapping so much. :P I have so much respect for the people who work on these shows. I mean, every aspect of it -- I read it takes 200 hours just to make one of the Old Bird costumes. I got the impression that the actors and performers last night truly enjoy what they do. I think you'd have to love it to spend your whole life working on it. I dunno. I'm definitely going to try to check out some of the other Cirque du Soleil productions at some point; just videos online for now, since I have no idea if or when they'll be heading our way again.
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