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genericzombie ([personal profile] genericzombie) wrote2011-04-20 06:02 am

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I still have like... thirty-ish pictures from Thunder Over Louisville to post, but that requires more formatting and linking than I feel like dealing with at this hour. SO I'm just here to post two quick photos.

They aren't perfect, but I like the first one. They were both taken around eleven or midnight, but the second one is too washed out. I literally sat for hours at my window trying to get these-- this shit is hard. I need to read up more on how to take night shots, but it really is quite fun already.

And as frustrating as the experience kind of was, it's a bit like taking pictures of birds. Yeah, it sucks when you don't catch it on film, but hey, I have eyes. I still got to see some REALLY cool stuff tonight, like two streaks of lightning meeting halfway across the sky. It was nifty.

While typing this up, I took a break to take some more pictures of downtown and saw not one, not two, not three, not four... but FIVE seagulls fly past. YES. I knew I'd heard them in the area before.