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spring photos.

A while back [ profile] flyingbrownie told me to post. I started to but then forgot to actually... well... post. Oops. But I am going to try to update more. Here's a photo dump to get things started. :)

And now for some of my favorite shots. There's a robin building a nest in a windowsill across from one of our windows. It's amazing! The window is for a hallway and the blinds are always down, so she's never really disturbed and I don't feel bad for sitting there with my camera. :P

There was literally no nest at all before yesterday. She had been trying to build one for a few days but it blew away. Yesterday morning we had a huge freak storm before it got sunny, so I'm guessing she was lucky and able to get a lot more mud to build. Although she lost some of her material in the afternoon, it's looking pretty good still. I hope she sticks with it.

She does this pretty frequently. It looks a bit odd. She rubs down the nest and she's pretty noisy when she does it.

It may not be the most beautiful picture, but I am so proud of this final shot:

A mourning dove swooped down, puffed up like this and then smacked the hell out of the robin. The robin smacked back and in just a few seconds she managed to knock them off the windowsill. It flew up to another window and just sat there for a half an hour or so, then left. How bizarre.

God I feel awful today. And it's so hot out. I should really work in the yard at some point but... I think I'm writing today off. I might take pictures, paint and read, but mostly I just think I'm going to take medicine and nap.

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Also don't mess with a mommybird :P