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genericzombie ([personal profile] genericzombie) wrote2010-10-25 11:36 pm

everyone, hail to the pumpkin king!

You know you have too much free time at work WHEN... have time to carve your own pumpkin using plastic utensils. Two of my coworkers made this one at Dino.

And this one is mine. I used ONLY A PEN to carve out the eyes and nose. *brags* Some little girl took pity on me and brought me a plastic knife to finish the mouth. XD

I love Halloween. :D
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Also, icon love. :)

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Man those are good, considering you were using plastic knives AND PENS. You've got skillz
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Thanks! The weird thing is, it was almost easier to use the pen than the knife.

Man, I need some Halloween icons. Yours are great and I am in love with this cute little ghost one. *jealous of people with more than six icons*